My first post in here

This is my first time writing here. There are some things I should do first here.
1. Understanding of what I write here
2. The use of written media are more useful for others
3. Used as an alternative to the unspoken.

     Only 3 of the above at the beginning of this for the purpose in writing here, then there will be more astonishing developments here. Which can be widened and will be useful for other things.
     At first I couldnt act much will that I write, especially that I update on twitter. I think maybe if I  though well and will be systematically made easy to understand by others.Therefore I tried to learn to put them here, then I will share in the social media.
    I’m grateful if any reader and corrected on my writing, whether the correction in composition, language, or meaning. I will write much here, which is where the content is there more on around me or who I Think at this too.

     Maybe before I’ve made in terms of other wisdom, especially on a year ago, which I have left twitter. But twitter is actually not really cause damage, a lot of inspiration, news, fun, funny in the virtual world, and how we become followers of good and truth is good or bad deeds in the attitude toward twitter. I hopefully with all the clarity that I’m trying to write here to be more clarity.